AnalizeNonlin WIP - nLoadSteps

Hi @karamba3d
I am doing a nonlinear analysis of your simple cantilever example to understand how load cases are used as load steps in AnalizeNonlin WIP. I set LCase[0] to gravity and LCase[1] to a zero point load. In this case, I was expecting the results for LCase[1] to be the same as those for LCase[0] if nLoadSteps is set to 2. The file attached shows different values and so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Rodolfo (73.9 KB)

Hi @r.lorenzo,
there seems to be a bug in the geometric non-linear analysis - sorry for the inconvenience.
You are right, the resulting values should be the same for the two load-cases.
– Clemens

Hi Clemens. Thanks for clarifying and no problem, I hope this helps with any future debugging.