An Error on Karamba

Hi everyone, so I’m trying to evaluate structure system of a building with karamba. But it doesn’t work, the information tells me that it couldn’t find a node. Can anyone help me with this? thank you
script building (853.6 KB)

Hi, did you try to flatten the element inputs - Karamba3D keeps the tree structure of your data.

Hi, thankyouuu I think it works! Do you mind if I ask another question. It works but it looks like this do you know why?
WhatsApp Image 2023-10-22 at 09.51.24_da2d763c
script building (847.4 KB)

Hi, is there a reason why you are applying a moment load? When you change it to a force, then it runs fine.

Hi Matthew Tam, do you mind explain it to me how to change it to force?

just change the input in the load component from moment to force

Thank you so muchh !