An easy way to run CurveBoolean or Hatch and keep layers

I’m working on large make2D drawings. At the end, I need a 2D drawing made with closed curves or hatches for each surface.
It’s easy to select an entire drawing and make a CurveBoolean for all the regions or hatches for all the regions.
But then everything is in the same layer.
I wonder if there’s a solution for reselecting the closed curves or hatchings that are created with the make2D lines behind them. Because they are ordered by layers. Something like “select by touching or intersecting”? This would allow me to easily select the curves and dispatch them back to the correct layer.
In this direction I know the script made by @Helvetosaur in order to select intersecting curves, but I can only select a single curve at the start of the script, and not all the curves on a layer.

Or maybe there is another solution? By doing directly the CurveBoolean or Hatch command and keep the layer?

I hope I am understanding.
Thanks for your help,

Hi Benoit - is the goal for the CurveBoolean or Hatch output to be placed on the layer of the input, assuming these are all the same for each output curve?


Hi Pascal - Yes that’s the goal.
(The initial goal is to have a 2D drawing made of closed polylines. But as I don’t think this is possible directly with the _make2D command, this would be a sort of alternative to it.)

Hi Benoît -

FWIW, I’ve added this thread to the following feature request:
RH-43678 Add per-object calculation

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