An alias for change the Distance display

Hey guys,

I am wondering if there’s a way to create a macro that I would attach to an alias that would change the distance display in Options/ Document Properties/ Units from Fractional to Feet & Inches and back?

If this is doable, can one change the display precision as well?

Thanking you guys in advance.


All those options should be reachable with a macro. Start with the -DocumentProperties (note the dash) command and read the command line to get to the option that you need. Then just put the letters you need to get there into your macro.

@cosmas, you may put this on a left button command to set to fractional:

! _-DocumentProperties _Units _DistanceDisplay=_Fractional _EnterEnd

and this on a right button command to get to feet & inches:

! _-DocumentProperties _Units _DistanceDisplay=_FeetInches _DisplayPrecision=3 _EnterEnd


Feet & Inches (Only accessible if units is set to inches)
! _-DocumentProperties _U _U=_In _D=_Fe _Enter _Enter

! _-DocumentProperties _U _U=_In _D=_Fr _Enter _Enter