An aid to finding objects that have inadvertently been placed in the wrong layer

Dear friends,

I wonder if it would be possible to have a script (rvb) that would deploy (uncollapse) any sublayers that are collapsed, then turn on all the layers (so their contents are visible) and show everything that is hidden within all those layers (by running the “Show” command) and unlock any layers that are locked and any objects that are individually locked? There may be a script for this already, but I wasn’t able to find it.

This would be helpful when you are looking for an object that has been inadvertently placed on the wrong layer that has happens to be off.

I would then hit Undo and restore everything to it’s status before running the above script.

Thank you.


You may be able to macro this - something like:

! _-Layer _On * _Unlock * _Enter _Show _Unlock

The only thing it won’t do is expand layers in the layer panel…

Scriptable it also is…


Thank you, Mitch. I really appreciate it.