Amount of picked points in defined area

i have created this textured surface using codes in grasshoppers. (find in figure 1, perspective view)
basically it has number of random points on the whole surface. the point distribution and count is random haowever, i have define the UV mesh while creating a surface.

my question is,
**how can i calculate number of points in for example 1*1 mm of box as shown in figure 2. perspective view surface on c plane please ignore the top view **
as the distribution of the points is totally random, the theoretical calculation is not correct.


figure 2.

Hello - are you looking for control points? If so, you’ll need to ExtractSrf and then turn on control points for this surface. Depending on what you want to do, can make a unit cube and place it anywhere you like and then use SelVolumeObject and see what the report is at the command line, or, possibly ExtractPt, then BoundingBox on the points and then calculate the points per cubic unit from the volume of that box… not sure I get what you need but those are a couple of ideas…


thank you for your suggestion, however, i dont think it will fulfill my intention. may be i have to explained my issue in more detail to get what i want.

however, i have another question,
how can we generate texture with define curve profile manually?

if i have a curve shown in image, is possible to generate a texture to the whole surface which will have same profile as defined curve?
if yes, how can we do that?


Hello - Again, I am not sure that I really understand what you are asking, but the simplest interpretation suggests maybe using the ExtrudeCrv command…?


as you can see in the picture that i have used dupborder command to get the border of the surface.
as in the border curve shown in the figure, you can see that it is following a kind of profile, (find image below). the border (edge) profile of the surface is random as you can see in the rhino viewport.

is it possible if i go in reverse direction. such a way that i will create profile with curve command as shown below and then by using this curve as a profile of texture, generate a texture to the whole surface. hence, the generated texture would be no more random and properties can be evaluated.

Hello - no… if I understand you, there is not a way to do that - seems to me the problem as presented has way too much freedom to be able to be solved in any way that I can think of.