Amount of Naked Edges in Mesh

When I print out mesh.GetNakedEdges.Length I don’t get the same value for my open mesh in comparison to what I get using the analyze tool in Rhino for showing edges, Rhino then tells me to have much more naked edges than what my Rhinocommon code says.
Is this supposed to be that way?

Hi Ivan - it looks like that function joins contiguous naked edges into polylines, so the ‘count’ is the number of polylines, not the number of individual edges. So you need to get the len(item) for each item in the result of GetNakedEdges()

def test():
    id = rs.GetObject(filter=32, preselect=True)
    mesh = sc.doc.Objects.Find(id).Geometry
    x = mesh.GetNakedEdges()
    for item in x:
        print len(item)


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Thank you!