AMF Multi Volume Objects

The .amf format (Additive Manufacturing File Format) supports objects consisting of multiple volumes with optional metadata, for example slicing parameters or material information for each volume. Is it possible to create such an object / volume hierachy with Rhino? I want to create something like in the example pictures below:

Object Tree
Volume Definition

The .amf used in the examples was created with the online insole creation tool at (2).amf (1.3 MB)

So far, I managed to export multiple grouped objects (that overlap partially) as a single .amf, but in the resulting XML-File there are always multiple objects defined, not a single object consisting of multiple volumes. To clearify my question:

  1. How do I create a multi volume object for .amf-export in Rhino?
  2. How can I define metadata for each volume in the object?

My final goal is to create objects with sub-volumes that define different infill-settings for slicing.

I look forward to any tips and suggestions :slight_smile:

Hello - does it work to Mesh the objects in Rhino and then Join the meshes into a disjoint mesh and export?


Hi, that seems to result in a single object, but unfortunately with just one volume inside containing the union of all meshes. disjoint_meshes_amf.amf (60.7 KB)

Hello - I can’t really tell what you want but perhaps BooleanSplit or MeshBooleanSplit of all the objects with one another may get you something?


Hi Pascal, thank you for the effort trying to help me :slight_smile: Maybe what I want to do is currently not possible in Rhino and I have to find a workaround or modify the amf-xml after exporting myself.