AMD - Viewport glitches when clipping planes are on

Hi - thanks for that image!
I’m afraid that I’ll bug you with some more questions : )
I should probably have asked for a different shape than a box, because a box can be created as an extrusion object. What I’m after here is the display mode. If that is a NURBS box, then the Shaded display mode has been modified to not show the isocurves.
Does this issue not happen with the Ghosted, Rendered, or X-Ray?
Could you post a screenshot of the list of display modes? Like so:

I’m trying to up to speed on this issue and need a little help.

Is the original bug mentioned in the first post still there with 6.23 release candidate and the V7 WIP?

Hello again @wim.
I am not able to post you the screenshots yet due to heavy workload but, I can reassure you that everything seems proper in ALL the other modes. Only shaded has the problem. I am not very sure about the ghosted though…

@stevebaer, thank you for the interest in the topic. The original bug was before 6.23 and before V7 WIP 7.0.20017.08175.

These versions DO NOT have the original bug.

Thanks, if possible it would be nice to start anew thread with the bug that hasn’t been fixed. I’m assuming it is the image of a box with the four lines jutting above it, but I’m not entirely sure.

Just so you know:
I just installed the WX7100 in a workstation again and installed the latest 20q2 drivers.
I see that the clipping plane clipping data fixed in the 20q2 drivers for radeon pro. If this affects your drivers as well I don’t know.
EDIT: I forgot that cycles’ kernels need to compile when the GPU is used the first time:
But starting cycles is slower than ever before. If I set cycles to cpu it loads a test scene in 3 seconds, but if the WX7100 is the cycles device then it takes a whopping 330 seconds… that is 110 X slower.

I have installed latest drivers. In addition, the Rhino 7 WIP is ok. Rhino 6 is not.

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OK, I’ll do some more testing here as well and see what else I find.
It would be nice to be able to use the card.

Don’t forget that on the very first time it’ll take a time for the kernels to fully compile.

Oh, shoot, that’s it, because I first ran raytraced and was impressed with how quickly it loaded on the new drivers, but then realized that it Rhino had defaulted to use the CPU and changed it… :man_facepalming:

I’ll test this again later today, none the less, it renderers slowly (cpu is as fast) so I doubt it will be used for cycles.

OpenCL is currently suboptimal yes. During the summer I’ll be going over all the shading nodes in Cycles and remove everything we don’t use. For some reason these cause slowdowns, even if not used (especially the Voronoi shader node, which we don’t use).