Amd radeon hd 8670m open gl issue

Hi @jeff Jeff,

It seems at least 2 affected systems have a switchable setup between the AMD and Intel card:

As for my driver;I just updated it with AMD’s “driver verification tool” and after an update. I still get the behaviour of “confused” viewports when more than 3 are present.

EDIT: I did not find that with less that 4 viewports open there were no issues.
Window selecting in a viewport with just 2 viewports resulted in the viewport getting frozen.
I’m not able to test rigorously right now, but thought it was worth to mention that the 3 to 4 viewport threshold to cause issues might be coincidence or symptomatic.

You state that you need to “personally sit down on a machine that contains Rhino’s source code and reproduce the problem”. I’m still in transition between my old and new laptop so I can make it available to you. If you know of a way to remotely scrutinize and test my laptop, just shout. (maybe a MS remote desktop connection?)