AMD ProRender Rhino Beta Plugin...any info?

Contradiction there?

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He is talking hobby vs job and can’t argue for job to pay for rendering needs. Makes sense.

BUT! He should unlock Natans secret emissive material, it works in v6!


For hobby needs Cycles might do just well!

even better in Rhino WIP.


Please, any news about ProRender? Will it be included in Rhino7?
Im on Mac and plan to buy eGPU for this
Thank you

I would also love to have ProRender for Mac Rhino, it’s the only GPU renderer for Mac at the moment.

Its coming…it’s coming! On the Mac as well.



Great, I just bought a RTX2070Super because you could not get openCL rendering for cycles to work properly. I was complaining about this for …I think years now… and now, just one week after I switched you finally care about AMD.


What has changed?
Has AMD something new? Something like CUDA or similar that suddenly convinced you to support it? Or is this just cycles/blender related and this will downstream (please forgive me if this isn’t the right developer term) to rhinoCycles?

It’s not us, it’s AMD

AMD will deliver hardware to playstation 5 and MAC uses only AMD and not nVidia, so why they have issues with OpenGL drivers on Windows is to me still a bit strange. Their DirectX supports seems good though as their game performance is on par.

You made my day,
so as a home enthusiast user can start collecting money on eGPU case and Radeon card

Any screenshots from WIP, just to tease us, please?

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Through the PackageManager command of Rhino 7 you can now get the latest ProRender plug-in. This one will work on both Windows and Mac, and, assuming you have a supported GPU, will allow you to use the GPU for rendering. Did I already say on the Mac as well?

Thanks for that effort. I just installed it on my iMac (10.14.6, 4.2GHz i7, Radeon Pro 580 8GB) and it just freezes when I try to render (new file, single box object, no materials set beyond whatever is default). Maybe I don’t understand how to configure it properly?

Would it be possible for you to try updating to Catalina?

It will freeze for a minute or so first time you use it. Let it run - it’s compiling the shaders.

Although I’m in the process of shifting to Capture One for my photographic work, I still have probably 100k+ photos in Apple Aperture and as far as I’ve read, 10.14.6/Mojave is the last version where Aperture runs so, no plans to upgrade till that problem is solved. I felt lucky the requirements for Rhino and Aperture overlapped in 10.14.x. I could possibly install Catalina on an external drive to test it but I have to see when I have time for that. So for the moment I’m stuck on 10.14.6.

hey, I just tried it again on a new file, single Box object, everything else default…and now the “Path Tracing Sample” count is incrementing and it seems to be rendering. Weird. Maybe it was that shader compiling Andrew mentioned, although I let it chug away for a lot more than a minute yesterday before having to force-quit it.
I will do some more tests later and see how it goes.

One other question, somewhat related…does selecting the ProRenderer for rendering affect the Rhino Rendered and Arctic view rendering speed? Or is it only relevant for actual rendering of a single image?

It doesnt affect those modes.

ah, too bad. Thanks for the quick reply. So it looks like using those modes at fullscreen will be laggy until Metal or maybe M1 support arrives or I switch to Windows and can use the GPU.