AMD ProRender - line in renderings w/ground plane (fixed) + Material Library


The ProRender material library has been integrated into the most recent version of ProRender. You can get it from the Package Manager. The library is automatically detected on your system. If found the ProRender Material Library panel will be available. From there you can import them to your document.


Thank you @Joshua_Kennedy. Getting better all the time…

I do not see a way to edit (e.g. tweak/change color, etc) ProRender Material Library materials. Did I miss that, or not possible presently? If the latter, possible in future?

Also, Rendered mode seems to not attempt to shade in similar color/properties - everything is matte medium gray in Rendered when ProRender materials are assigned. Same question as above.

Keep the good stuff coming, please.

I have not yet added the ability to tweak the color or any other values of the material yet. It is possible in the future and I’ve opened an issue for it.

I added code to simulate the material so they appear similar in the rendered view. For a subset of materials I have no way to convert, namely the emissive category in the material library, they do appear as gray. Which ones are you seeing this with?

Kinda everything I’ve tried - all the plastics and a bunch of metals (MacOS). Maybe it’s a Mac version thing?

Interestingly, (on MacOS) the previews in Panel: Material do (eventually) show correctly.

The materials eventually showing correctly after some time is the material preview render completing. This is a rendering of the material with the active renderer.

As for some of the metals and plastics incorrectly showing this has to do with the material conversion from ProRender to Rhino. ProRender material definitions have a lot more parameters than their Rhino counterparts. Some don’t match up at all. I try to convert them up as closely as possible but some work better than others. I’ve logged a bug to improve the conversion.

i have the latest prorender running via package manager on rhino 7 but can´t find the library there nor in the side panel…
any clue?

thx in advance…

Have you installed the Material library from the AMD website?

there is no rhino section… download the blender or 3ds library for rhino?

I would use the Blender library. I believe they are all the same but the Blender one was what I used for testing.

thx! works…