Ambrosinus toolkit

Python libraries installation advice
First of All, thank you for downloading the AI components!

1) for OpenAI components (light version, it means no “Edit” and “Variability” features) you can now avoid installing Python libraries but try using the new Ambrosinus Toolkit (since v1.1.1) - you can install it directly from Rhino: Tools>Package Manager → search for plugin name

  1. In case you prefer using the Python ghuser components (because it has more features with the very next AMbrosinus-Toolkit v.1.1.2), I suggest a clean installation:
  • Uninstall your python version (and if you can run the CCleaner registry cleaning task);

  • Delete the python folder from this path: C: (Users\luciano\AppData\Local\ Programs (replace luciano with your user name - it happens automatically);

  • Reboot your PC;

  • Install Python v3.7.5 (I have tested this one and it works, on the other hand, the latest version has given to me some issues in installing the python libraries) - IMPORTANT! you have to tick as below:

  • image

  • At this point Run cmd.exe (WIN key+X > Run > type “cmd.exe” without quotes;

  • Check if you have the pip module typing: pip help - in case of errors check the guide on this page;

  • After installing python 3.7.5 I noticed that you already have pip protocol so go on;

  • Install the openai library (or/and stability-sdk) - from cmd.exe you should see:C:\Users\luciano>pip install openai (luciano has been replaced with your user name);

  • You should see no errors (try reading all text lines) - WARNING strings are not an error (for instance it can tell you that your pip version is outdated: if you want to update it text:

  • C:\Users\luciano>pip install --upgrade pip

  • After this (hopefully with no errors occurring) instal in your C:\Users\luciano\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries the GH Python plugin (eventually with its DLL if available) - IMPORTANT! check on the GHA file (and eventually its DLL) that it is not “blocked” by windows, so right-click on it>Property>General and “unblock”;

  • If you want to add the OPEN AI KEY (or STABILITY KEY)to the environment variable of the WIndows O.S. you can - otherwise pass it as text in the grasshopper panel;

  • Reboot PC;

Please, take into account that some machines could have different problems independently from this procedure. I have tested it on different machines and seems to work properly. Anyway, let me know if you will encounter some different issues, please. Thank you :wink:

Extra tips/recommendations:
1. Please, be sure to pass in input only image which has the PNG file format;
2. I suggest using a full path name without space or one that starts with a number (or have also some special characters in the filename), name it as simply as possible: D:\Desktop\DALL-E\DEMO\Edit\test …