Ambitious exercise: modelling moored barge under horizontal loads

I’m trying to model a moored barge under horizontal side forces . The 3 mooring lines are composite centenaries made of 3 different materials. The idea is that I apply the horizontal force on the side of the barge (modeled as rigid body) and the barge displaces so I can then check the tension in the mooring lines and the reactions at the anchor points. The barge is constrained to move only on the xy plane (so that I don’t have to model the buoyancy)
I tried to make a model but with poor results. In my model the barge doesn’t keep its initial position even if no forces are applied. I sense that this exercise is far out of my actual knowledge of Kangaroo. Maybe the way I’m approaching the exercise is incorrect. I hope therefore in your support.
Thank you very much
Attempt modelling barge under forces.3dm (45.4 KB) Attempt modelling barge under (57.1 KB)


After a deep check of my model, I realized that the issue was very simple to solve. In few words i didn’t stick the upper points of my centenaries (mooring lines) to the rigid body (barge). I did this simply filling “Points” in the rigid body component
Many thanks

Image 6