Amazing FilletEdge problems

During a Rhino training, I was demonstrating _FilletEdge command with the attached door frame example to find out it doesn’t do a good job. Both in V5 and V6 WIP.
Please try to fillet only the edges indicated with the leaders with a radius of 3mm.

Then the result shows horrible details:

I am happy to hear why this doesn’t work.

Door frame.3dm (596.3 KB)

Run the command _MergeAllFaces and try it again… It’s because the surfaces are split at the corners where you have mitred the door frame.


That works, but what if one wants to keep the surfaces separate? (like IRL where the a door frame consists of individual posts). Perhaps individual frame parts (solids) would be the best way to go in that case?

Edit 1: Yes, making individual frame parts solid also works fine (frame parts are separated here ) :

Edit 2: This also means that the existing fillet command could try doing the same thing (or at least have the option to try the following), that is, make a solid by Joining aligned adjacent surfaces of the selected edges and Capping the resulting polysurface (and ‘remember’ the new capped surfacesbeing added), then do the FilletEdge, then scrap the capped surfaces, and at last, explode the solid.
That should work at least in cases where Cap results in new surfaces. Other tricks may apply for edges with curvature where Cap doesn’t work. Soon I’ll be experienced enough to script this kind of stuff myself, but if McNeel hurry up I won’t have to. :slight_smile: To me this seems to be essential stuff that should work out of the box.

// Rolf

Thank you 2DCube,

That does the trick.
However, I don’t think that this work around serves less educated people who want to perform this kind of fillet operation.



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Good point Rolf!

I would agree here, this kind of (relatively simple) stuff should work. The funny thing is that it generally works on outside (convex) corners, but fails on inside (concave) ones.