Am trying to "Variable Offset a surface"

Fair enough, but it’s supposed to be ‘visual’ programming, and it’s supposed to be ‘parametric’.

And while those may be true to some extent, in my opinion what everyone has been doing with grasshopper since antiquity is way beyond what it should have done since the beginning – which is very simple parametric modeling.

But no, everyone has skipped that and never turned back.

People are going way into the abyss with algorithms and fractals etc,

But seriously where is the simple “visual” parametric modeling feasibility?

Is it too much to ask from the grasshopper universe I mean really…

Sorry if this gets negatively connotated – but it’s been very frustrating for me coming from the 3D solid modeling world for decades seeing grasshopper universe using the word “parametric” and going way beyond where it should while skipping a bunch of very basic stuff. :expressionless:

…maybe what I have to do is figure out how to make a plugin either for Rhino or for Grasshopper, idk.

That’s exactly what Grasshopper is.

Only in your dreams?

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lol :sob:

you’re prob right.

I dream about 3D parametric modeling to be more intuitive, not only for myself, but mostly for my friends and family and fellow citizens of the world that don’t have nearly as much experience as I do dealing with these industries for over 20 yrs.

…guess it’s time for me to program software.

wish someone would’ve mentioned this Rhino WIP Feature: Constraints