Am losing the ability to select my created forests. How does this work?

My goal is to make around 5-10 different forests with the conceptual trees.
I have made four right now. Initially they were inserted in a new layer called “Planting”. But then I did not want to mix different forests in the same layer, so I moved them around. Now for some unknown reason the forests are created in a “Default” layer. I selected the latest created forest, and moved it to another layer (by using “Change object layer”). It seemed to work the first seconds, but then the forest “went back” into the Default layer. Furthermore, I could not select any of the other patches of forest I created that were in the Default layer.

What is going on? Can I not create different forests and put them in different layers?

When trying to delete the Default layer to start over to create forests, this came up. Why can’t I simply delete the layer?

And when using BlockManager to try to delete blocks named after the trees I used (“Test…” etc) this comes up

That’s the same problem I referred to in the other discussion, as long as the Conceptual blocks rely on the Default layer, you can not delete this layer, and you must keep it On.

However, you can still have forests in separated layers. A forest is a container of plants and a plant is a container of the Conceptual block and the 2D block (if enabled). So disabling the forest layer will hide the whole forest, and enabling it will show it (as long as you keep the default layer On):


Now for some unknown reason the forests are created in a “Default” layer

The Forests (and plants in general) will be created in the layer you specified in the document properties, under the Layers tab:


When the assigned layer is “None”, then the objects are created in the current layer (at the creation moment). If no assignment has been set yet in the document (grayed combobox), then Lands will look into the general options to know what to do:


If you have enabled to create a layer for that kind of object, the layer will be created and assigned into the document properties. Otherwise the current layer will be used and the None assignment will be added to the document properties. (That’s a tricky part of Lands Design :wink: )

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