Am I looking in the right direction for inflatable designing?

hey am starting my inflatable company I worked with some designers before that I lost contact with and created amazing inflatable designs,
now am starting to scale the project and hiring 3d designer but its so hard to actually find someone that can make the requirements for a full design?

so what I need is

  • someone to create 3d designs, and then go into the process of flattening them - uv unrolling what if there is other name for the technique ?

  • also to add print to the 3d model and while flattening them, the grid unroll with the printing on the slice ?

that’s mainly it, please let me know if this process can be done in rhino or I need to merge experts the get these results done ?

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you may want to look at a product called exact flat.

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I’m currently working for an inflatable company, if you still have a need for your inflatable products, please contact me, I’m a freelance designer.
phone: (+84) 397 545 670