Am I able to extrude poly lines or help with another workaround?

Hi All,
Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I’m learning gradually.

So, I’m trying to make a pendant for a necklace. I’ve drawn it up using poly lines (see the file & screenshot are attached). I’ve traced a photo of a mountain range and have added the lines to give the mountains a geometric pattern. When I print it, I only want the lines to print. So only the lines are solid and you can see through the spaces. I tried to extrude what I have but it didn’t work the way I was thinking.

My latest thoughts were to use a .8mm rectangle instead of the polylines. Would this work? Any other advice or commands that would help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 11.16.00 AM

remarkables_pendant.3dm (3.4 MB)

one way could be extrude the single segment lines and then make an OffsetSrf to each one to get the thickness

but then you will have issues trying boolean union because of those non manifold edges:

I guess you have to join some curves first to avoid this

Hello - a possible alternate workflow:

Select all the lines and the rectangle.
CurveBoolean > CombineRegions=No, AllRegions.
With the output selected, OffsetMultiple > click inside one of the regions. Set the distance to half the desired thickness of the lines.

Then ExtrudeCrv all of these at once, Solid=Yes.
Hm - you’ll need to clean up the curves a bit for that to work I guess.

There are a few places like this:

But if you make all the intersections clean, it works -



Thanks, Diego!

That’s exactly what I wanted it to look like. I’ll try to do what you did.


Thanks, Pascal!

I’ll give it a go!

I think the @pascal method works better

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Ok, thanks.

With your method, what command did you use first?

Hi @pascal,

I deleted all of the smaller triangles and just kept the mountain outline. I thought I would practice this way, and then try again with all the triangles.

I’ve been using your workflow, but only one half of the mountains is removed and not the top part. I’ve done a quick video showing what I’ve done, maybe you could see what I’ve done wrong?


Hi Alex - you need the offsets, plus a rectangle around to extrude, do not include the inputs to the offsets.