Always show inputs in disabled components

Would it be possible for Grasshopper 2 that it will always show the actual inputs of the disabled components?
In Grasshopper 1 it’s especially problematic when working with Rhino Inside Revit.

The top component was never enabled and hovering over input is not showing anything, the bottom component was enabled once and disabled afterward, input is now known and possible to preview

Rhino.Inside.Revit components do not work by boolean triggers input, they rather commit transactions if they are enabled.
Most of the time, if I open the GH RiR document, some query is happening and the key components, the ones that either send changes to the Revit or are computationally heavy are disabled. Every time something upstream changes, I can’t easily check the new inputs. I’m forced to do a workaround by extracting input parameters. Please note, that this means dozens of components that are not necessary in the document.

The workaround (extract parameter) method has several inconveniences:

  • It adds to the spaghetti.

  • Very boring thing to do

  • Degrades display performance

  • Takes time

  • Makes dragging, and relocating components more difficult (I need to select e.g. a group of 4 components instead of 1). Often I extract parameters in the refactoring phase and I forget to add them to the group, then I drag the group and the parameters stay in place… eh.

  • Makes a micro mess which triggers my OCD

  • Sometimes can make the whole definition less readable.

GH1 problem illustrated when using Rhino Inside Revit where enabling/disabling components commit transactions to the Revit project