Always a problem

Every time there’s a update I rund into a real hassle trying to enter the correct license number. I need to get something done right now and I’ve to deal with this nonsense. I’m very irritated with this issue and I resent the fact I’ll have to wait an indefinite period to get it resolved. I’ve work to do. I don’t need to be dealing with such a fing picayune obstacle.

It’s not what it seemed. It’s just that when I clicked to open an old project I was immediatly taken to the WIP site. So I’ll get my work done but I’m still bothered with this ongoing issue with the GD correct license code. I’ve the original from 2014 that doesn’t work do any of the other’s I’ve carefully saved to avoid the BS the next time.

Are you talking about a version upgrade, i.e. from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6, a release update, i.e. version 6.15 to 6.16, or a release candidate (RC) update?

Normally these usually run pretty smoothly.

I looked up your account and I see you own a Mac V5 license, so I assigned this message to Rhino for Mac.
I also see you have a Mac Beta license, but since the V6 development cycle is over and V6 was released, I’ll assume you’re asking about V5.

The update system for Mac Rhino (Sparkle), tells you when there is an update and asks if you want to install it. You shouldn’t have to do anything other than click a button to install and restart it.

We’re on 5.5.4 and that came out some time ago and has not been updated for quite some time. You should not have seen an update message since then.

Based on that, I can not make sense of what you reported.
Can you please reply with more detail so we understand the problem?

If you were griping about how the Work-In-Progress builds work, new ones come out almost every week. That’s how we get the new work out for you to test.
These also update using Sparkle and are about as close to automatic as possible.

If that process too disruptive for you, then don’t participate in the WIP this time.
Service releases come out monthly. WIP updates come out weekly.

If you decide you want to participate in the new WIP, you’ll need to upgrade your V5 license to V6.

Hello John,

I’d clicked on a Rhino Filed I wanted to review and instead of calling up the installed app It was opened by a previous WIP. I was then taken to a window that demanded a serial number. I’d not used the app for some time and didn’t catch the mismatch.

In any case, even when I will opt for testing the latest WIP I run into the serial number entered being called incorrect.

Okay, that makes sense.
Now the V6 has been officially released, the new WIP (V7) requires a V6 license.
The expired V6 WIP does not know it is obsolete.
This put you in the confusing situation.
I’ll see if the process can be fixed.

Thanks for the reply

Thanks John!

I’m sorry for the tone at first. I’m a bit of a grumpy old sod.