Aluminum Boat Designer

Inventech Marine Solutions, is a manufacturing company located in Bremerton WA. We specialize in the design, and manufacturing of high performance aluminum boats and state of the art hybrid foam/ air boat collar systems. We have a newly established brand called Life Proof Boats. They have virtually unsinkable characteristics which make them sought after in almost all marine applications.
We are looking for a team member to join us in to fill a need in the vessel design and model prep for fabrication. This involves creating 2D conceptual drawings at the beginning of the design process. Once a conceptual design is established a detailed 3D model will be created in CAD Software (RHINO 3D). Then the individual parts of the 3D model will be detailed for fabrication. The fabrication process involves taking the 3D model of the vessel and separating out each individual aluminum part, flattening them, and then converting them to line work for exporting to .dwg files. Once the 3D parts have been converted to 2D line work for CAD machines to read and process them 2D geometry will need to be nested before fabrication can take place.
The ideal individual will be fluent in Rhino 3D modeling, have also would have experience in the marine industry.
You must also have a basic understanding of aluminum boat construction. Aluminum has unique characteristics to it when welded or fabricated. So a basic understanding of aluminum constructed vessels is a must.
This position may also help other misc. design and manufacturing tasks associated with boat production.
This will be a great opportunity for someone to come at the ground level for a new premier boat building company.

-Must be fluent with Rhino 3D modeling.
-Must have experience with Aluminum Vessel Design and Construction
-Understanding and desire to work in a fast paced, hands on manufacturing culture.
-The applicate must hold themselves to a high level of integrity.
-Must be bought into the idea of working with a team on fast paced projects.
-Must be capable of managing ones time efficiently and be able to work with little supervision.
-Must be capable of understanding how to flatten developable lofted surfaces
-Must possess general knowledge of stress and strain.
-Must have basic engineering understanding of beams in bending
-Local and work onsite

CAD Software Knowledge Requirements:
-Rhino 3D

Competitive Benefits will be offered.

Compensation will vary depending on experience. This will be a salaried position.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Females/Disabled/Protected Veterans/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity


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