AltGr+F toggles Ctrl+F in Python editor


I have a rather annoying issue: on my keyboard layout (Hungarian) AltGr+F toggles the left bracket [, in the Rhino Python editor it also toggles the find and replace window at the same time (normally Ctrl+F): every time I need to click on it to close it. Rhino 6 and 7, Grasshopper GHPython nodes are also affected.

Rhino is the only program I have this issue with, I can happily type the left bracket anywhere else.

Any suggestions to solve this? I have an older Apple Keyboard with the numpad (wired) if that matters.

I’ve changed keyboards (using a wireless Logitech K330 now), the problem persists - can we rule out hardware issues?

bumping this thread. does anyone have an idea what to check?

this is a really annoying thing, I’m not sure who to poke…
@dan or @stevebaer maybe?

A fix has been applied and will go in the next (7.3) service release.

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Thanks, @Alain, I’m looking forward to it!

RH-62081 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

Hi @Alain and @brian,

I’ve installed 7.3, the issue is fixed.
It means, that Rhino 6 won’t get this fix?

Hi, it’ll be in 6.34

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Awesome news!:slight_smile: