Alternative to the "Sun" command in Rhino for Mac WIP?

Is there any alternative to the “Sun” command - in Rhino for Mac?

Perhaps in the WIP version ?

I could use a way to move the sun around, doesn’t have to be perfect for year/ month etc.


Hans Henrik

If this is what you are trying to do then “Ladybug Sunpath” are good search terms. Ladybug is a free plug-in for Grasshopper which is also free.

there is a perfect [Sun] command in Rhino PC

That command is not supported in the Mac version, and neither are plugins, like grasshopper and Ladybug.

The WIP for Mac has a “explicit history” command, that is a Mac version of Grasshopper, but this does not support plugins either - yet.

So… I ask again: Is there any other suggestions for a similar command like [Sun] in the mac version?

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I am not a Mac user, but in August @Mostapha said: “…on the Mac … Ladybug should work for the most part.” So, guess it’s working now since they like always work on it…

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Actually they are, Explicit History is now Grasshopper in the latest WIP …

So go to Food4Rhino and Ladybug plugin on Grasshopper 3d page

Once you have it downloaded and unzipped, my Mac does this automatically, put the whole folder in “User Objects Folder”

Restart Rhino & Grasshopper and voila …

IHTH … «Randy


Thankyou very much ! :slight_smile:

I hope it works for you, I have no need for it and didn’t test it. I just installed it. :+1: