Alternative to the "Sun" command in Rhino for Mac WIP?

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Is there any alternative to the “Sun” command - in Rhino for Mac?

Perhaps in the WIP version ?

I could use a way to move the sun around, doesn’t have to be perfect for year/ month etc.


Hans Henrik


If this is what you are trying to do then “Ladybug Sunpath” are good search terms. Ladybug is a free plug-in for Grasshopper which is also free.

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there is a perfect [Sun] command in Rhino PC

That command is not supported in the Mac version, and neither are plugins, like grasshopper and Ladybug.

The WIP for Mac has a “explicit history” command, that is a Mac version of Grasshopper, but this does not support plugins either - yet.

So… I ask again: Is there any other suggestions for a similar command like [Sun] in the mac version?


I am not a Mac user, but in August @Mostapha said: “…on the Mac … Ladybug should work for the most part.” So, guess it’s working now since they like always work on it…


Actually they are, Explicit History is now Grasshopper in the latest WIP …

So go to Food4Rhino and Ladybug plugin on Grasshopper 3d page

Once you have it downloaded and unzipped, my Mac does this automatically, put the whole folder in “User Objects Folder”

Restart Rhino & Grasshopper and voila …

IHTH … «Randy

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Thankyou very much ! :slight_smile:


I hope it works for you, I have no need for it and didn’t test it. I just installed it. :+1: