Alternative to the "Shear" command that will not transform separate objects

I just used shear to move these selected objects. They’re now in the position I want them to be in, but I’m not happy with the transformation that happened. Their shape should be in its original state like the others (unselected objects) as well as their orientation (fully vertical). Does anyone know if there’s another command or script for skewing/shearing separate objects, and changing their position likewise, without the separate objects being transformed?
Thank you

You could, as a workaround, place a point at a corner of each box to shear and then just shear the points, then move the boxes to the sheared points… a bit of a pain, this needs a script, really (until V6, which will have a ‘Rigid’ option in the transforms for this sort of thing). I’ll see if I have a moment to cook something up. Unless the usual suspects beat me to it of course…


Thank you Pascal, that’s a clever workaround indeed.
Let me know when you’ve got a script