Alternative to shaper diver a.k.a change/show GH input/output in webbrowser?

Hi everyone,

am looking for an alternative to the rather costintensive shaper diver service,
basically a DIY way to setup following capabilites:

In a webbrowser, manipulate a couple of numberslider-/dropdownmenu- input from an underlying GH definition and then show geometry and number output, with the GH definition staying protected from unwanted access.

Any way to do this yourself?


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Hi i am also interested,i like shape diver,but it is very expensive and has many additional costs.

There are a couple of options you could try:

  1. The Swarm alpha release is free and will let you do that. However, it will likely not stay free forever.
  2. Build it yourself using Rhino Compute. There is actually an existing solution: Resthopper. Some other existing tools like Speckle might cut some of the development effort as well. In any case, this will involve spinning your own servers and take care of load balancing for decent results.

Do I understand correctly that the main feature you need is the ability to share private models with other specified users? Or even maybe with people who don’t have a ShapeDiver account, through a private link (similar Google Docs for example)?

I understand that for this use case, the paid ShapeDiver plans might seem overpriced. Just for fun, let’s imagine we come up with a plan that adds this feature to the ones already available in free accounts. Which price tag would you put on it?