Alternative Navigation in Rhino

Hi there, I have a quick question-
Is it possible to change the Default Viewport-navigation via a Rhinoscript?
Making transition/switching between diffrent Modelling tools easier…

For example maya-style navigation-

Rotate view = Alt+ Leftmouse
Pan view = Alt+ middlemouse
Zoom = Alt+ Rightmouse

Would a Script be able to do that?

Hi @jj1,

Sorry no. Rhino’s viewport navigation is not reconfigurable.

– Dale

Hello Dale,
Thanks for the answer,
Is it not possible at all, or just not easily done?- maybe using python…?
We do have a Developer/Coder in our Companies Visualisation department,
who could maybe help with more advanced scripting.
I am new to rhino and its interface, but i am not new to 3d modelling-
I use Alias and Maya, Modo/Blender -and until now I use rhino only to run grasshopper.
Which is a waste, so I would like to use rhino more!
In Modo and Blender I can easily customise the interface and hotkeys and even the Navigation to mimic my Alias workflows- which helps a lot when jumping inbetween modelling packages-
I would like to do that as well in rhino!

  • I have once tested a demo of moi, (which is, I guess close to rhino?)
    and they had both, maya Style navigation + rhino navigation-
    So I hope it can be done in Rhino as well…

It has been asked before and was put on the wish list. But it gets very complicated in a hurry:

At any rate, you can follow the development of that wish here: RH-31346.
Don’t hold your breath…

Hello Dale,
From what I understand, you know rhinos Core the best,
So your advice would be very valueable.
What di you think, Would it be possible to remap Navigation with the help of an expierenced Rhino Plugin developer?
My Boss might be willing to spend some money/effort to get this quickly implemented, maybe in Plugin-form.
Again, is it possible at all? Or is it just a lot of effort? Woe deep would one have to dig?

Currently, no, this is not possible - sorry.

– Dale

HI Dale, sad to hear- but thanks for clarifying!