Alternating Triangle Direction when triangulating a quad mesh

I am attempting to use Rhino to triangulate a mesh made from quads, so that it has alternating triangle directions.
In this screenshot:
The top mesh is what I get when I use Triangulate Mesh inside of Rhino.
The bottom mesh was created in Houdini.

Is it possible to customise the Triangulate Mesh functionality in some way to get these alternating triangle directions?

Hello - I don’t know of any way to control this.


Something near but not like you want, see Daniel Piker solution

Here’s an approach using Kangaroo’s checkerboard component: (15.6 KB)
edit - forgot to flatten that final input - flatten the F going into conMesh to make it output a single mesh


I had seen that answer earlier, but was unable to fiddle with it successfully.

Fantastic, thank you, that’s working quite well!