Alternate selections going wrong

So i have this issue where the dispatch plug in and the cull (with alternate masks) are not alternating as expected the bands… There’s always 2 backs sticking together.

Why is that?
alternate (93.7 KB)

I also tried the two brep splitters but neither works correctly…

What did i miss?

You will never be able to predict the exact order the pieces will come out after a cut. The best thing is to order them after the cut itself to get the right order, for example in this case just sort by z coordinate.

alternate (45.0 KB)

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Thanks! John

I didn’t think of that!

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And you didn’t see this thread two days ago?

Hello Joseph,

I’ve used this technique before but in a different context which is why I didn’t think about it (I thought it was a tree issue…).

Thanks for your helping bit though! Google couldn’t find your link during my quick search… I just dont have time to read and keep up with all the forum bits lately… :frowning: This is not my real job, just a hobby. Im working on a multi-relational multi-dimentional data multi-tiered-storage architecture automation with a deadline to meet (and they just threw 120TBs more in the soup) that keeps me busy - talk about sorts from hell!

This was my way of relaxing since weather is shite to go play golf, you didn’t have to bother since i had the answer but thanks anyway.

Next is creating cavities in these slices to accommodate weights inside this multi-laminate golf club design to keep the regulation weights and balance… Still have lots of hoops to go through. I’ll look forward to your kangaroo tips in the near future… :see_no_evil:

Not from me! I’m no wizard with Kangaroo. There is much to be learned from reading forum posts regularly though, as the same issues come up over and over and over…

I fully agree. I wish i was more active/proficient as you.

My 35 years of scripting guru skills barely translate in GH but i still I love the non-scripting way (i kind of refuse to code for this - but i see the benefits for the pro’s among you). It’s just a bit convoluted sometimes, know what i mean?

No, I don’t.