Altering linetype in detail active layout suddenly saw spirals within objects appear on outside


Pascal suggested use spirals not actual screw threads lessen file size as I have many bolts.

All was good until I altered a linetype from dashed to continual in layout detail view and suddenly the spirals appeared as above. Unable to solve.
They are doing this only in layout view and only when detail is deactive.

Unfortunately they print as showing to pdf.

I have altered the details back to dashed and 0.9 linewidth but no change.

The items afflicted are Block Instances ,

I have had to turn their layers off to solve it.

Is this a known thing, same very complex 70Mb file as gave dashed circles for normal ones, due to one raster image (see other post, solved by drawing a helix), deformed objects after running a view change only macro, dark fillets (turned out to be a V5 bug)


Steve -

Iā€™d need the 3dm file to check if I can reproduce this in Rhino 7.

I feared that, I cant go sending this file out to anyone, 5 months work and I would not even send it the Queen.

All I can do is to try and extract the parts that did it when the job is finished and I get 5 mins, but the backlog is horrendous now. I fear though Rhino is acting up simply because the file is complex. No fancy effects, just bog standard extrusions, sweeps, 140 images, pipes, a rope, and block instance bolts and spirals. and my stitching. and 70Mb. This file though, the MASTER file for the various Layout mode plans, saving the file by Plan name one per plan, to avoid earlier gremlins and loss of content of the layouts, I deadwooded this master file, removed all images and superceded layers.

I had the same tantrums being thrown by Rhino when creating a complex aircraft.

It becomes self defeating, one little gremlin after another, after that now we have text block non readable in detail view. more time solving that, the finishing line keeps moving away from me.

I will see what I can do when I get 5 mins.


Oh my god nobody cares. Just send it directly to tech support.