Alt-dragging to duplicate a subtracted solid in a wall

Alt-dragging a subtracted solid creates a duplicate of the entire wall with the solid moved (not duplicated)

This seems kind of a bug, and unintuitive, I think, but if understood it’s not without value: All the solids from the duplicate can be extracted and then be deleted (along with the duplicated wall) except for the moved solid, which can then subtracted from the original wall which still has the original solid subtracted. It’s convoluted, but it has the desired result.

Hi @djhg,

This is how Rhino works. When you use alt-dragging with any object, it copies the object and modifies it and that is what is happening here.

Thanks Alfonso. To clarify, I am alt-dragging just one of the solids subtracted from the wall, using only the solid’s handle. This handle can be dragged to move only the subtracted solid within the wall, while the wall does not move. Based on how Rhino works, it seems one would expect that alt-dragging would operate only on the solid, just as dragging does, and not on the entire wall (which happens now).

Hi @djhg,

I understand how it works, but this is the same way Rhino works. Rhino allows you to modify an object by copying it when using alt+drag. Here you have a closed curve (in our case this would be the wall) with control points (in our case this would be the subtracted solid). If I select one of the control points and alt+drag it, I will get a copy of the curve with the control point modified (in our case we are getting a copy of the wall with the solid modified):

alt drag

Ah! I see now. I hadn’t thought of this as a control point for the wall (but rather a handle for the subtracted solid.) (I haven’t ever alt-dragged a control point - which would strike me as an “undefined” operation.)