Alphabetical order

I found that in the WIP nonbreaking spaces sort below alphanumeric … Is there a reason this can’t be switched back to the conventional sorting used in the Rhino 5 ?

I’m not sure what you are doing :wink: but thought I could add some insights nonetheless.

When I type some text in Word with both regular and nonbreaking spaces and copy and paste that in Rhino 5, and then copy that from Rhino 5 back into Word, the nonbreaking spaces have been converted to regular spaces. Which is what I would have expected. Rhino 5 doesn’t have rich text.

Now, when pasting the text from Word into the RH6 WIP, all nonbreaking spaces are simply removed and not replaced by regular spaces. Separate words become one single ‘word’. :bug:

This doesn’t seem like user friendly feature. Is it a bug?

I’d say so.

I get a double space… that seems at least a little friendlier.


I also get an extra standard space added after each non-breaking space.
Here’s a bug report:

RH-39341 is fixed in the latest WIP