Alpha romeo Old Car

I think the more and more Car design is effort required :thinking:


cool image!

subd model?

Hi Kyle~
Yes, I work Sub-D Tools.

I get more information and learn Sub-D skills this Rhino Forums when I do it alone.
that Surprised and positive motivates to me.

This not yet finial modeling but endeavor that going on.

and WIP7 Render tab and PBR so fantistic. :heart_eyes:


please post updates as this model progresses!



Slow but steady, more detail this car and posting progresses~

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Love this shape.

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So this is one surface or many? How does it break down??

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update? Haven’t seen any news on this one… dying to see how it’s coming out!

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Dear Kyle~

Rendering image


V7 Beta ~ :smiley:

and SOON

I want meaningful image related to the beta .
looking at the photo on the old post -modeing and rendering rhino mouse pad~
Yes, I will work part by part alpha romeo.

Thank you for Remember Posting.

Best Regards


Dear Rhino User~

-Retopologize by planning your poly layout, and your loop flow.
This IMO is the most important part, and what probably dictates
how easy/hard will be later on to add details as you need them.
This is also what takes most practice and skill.-


I think about Sub-d Modeling pattern, So worked in a different way.

  1. Googling or Pin to Image Data.

  2. Image source to trim and located.

  3. Boundingbox and START.

  4. 3Dface and Subdivide.

  5. OneView to X,Y,Z editing in SubDDisplyToggle on / off

To keep the distribution of the faces orderly
splitting the Sub-D facet.

I hope this list helpful
To be Continued…

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담고 싶었어요

Hi All~

Radiater Grille and Bonnet Side vent-hole Tire and Wheel

Fender Panel front and back and Sub-D editing.

When working, I worked while referring to the Emap image.

-Win key + Shift + S Emap Image drag - clipboard

Ctrl+V rhino viewport drag.

Sub-D edited the angular part that caught eyes.

Make Rhino key ring this week :laughing:

Thank you for watching and I HOPE This useful.

To Be Continued…


Hi all~

This week Sub-D Work flow/
Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Head Light, Wind shield, …

The Sub-D of part of deleted and Insert Edge, Sub-D editing.
This part was difficult.

Dear Kyle~ :slightly_smiling_face:

Please give me more detail answer on How to use Slide Tool to
make more useful. I Wondering~
or Other tools, or your advice to Sub-D face editing.

and V7 new command tools manual uptodate so nice.

Thank you for this sentence watch.
To be continued…


Hi Proterio~

I so sorry to late comment~ :sleeping:

This Workflow
This car body is 2 piece 3DFace and the parts is Multi-Pipe, SubDCylinder, and so…
Thank you for watching. :slightly_smiling_face:

slide works best in box mode-

As always I recommend doing most of your modeling on box mode, use smooth mode for evaluating and fine tuning, use box for most everything else.

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Thank you Kyle.

AH…I tried it and understood it. yes, Box mode more stable.
Sub-D editing and Slide.
You are my mento. :slightly_smiling_face:

Appologies but I have no idea what you are talking about )

I’m so Sorry for not help.
I wish and want Language high level.

Hi all~

This Week I think about interior the car.
and first time make recoding video.

I wish Hope it help, like me.

Hi all~

Thank’s RMA~ :smile:

To be continue…