Allow .stl as attachment

Can we have .stl added as one of the allowed file formats for attachments? People do occasionally want to post them as examples. Thanks, --Mitch

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Just as a reminder to the “powers that be”, this site setting is authorized extensions under the files section of site settings.

It makes more sense to compress mesh files into a ZIP or 7Z format since they are so fluffy.

.3dm files can be as well…

They are indeed. Should I take that as a vote for only allowing ZIP and 7Z files to be attached?

I just added stl to the allowed list. I would rather not impose some sort of rules about what can or cannot be uploaded which may make the user not upload at all.

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There already is a size limit, isn’t there @stevebaer ?
Or is that Apoio?

yes, there is a size limit and I can adjust it if we need to