Allineare superfici

Ciao a tutti
ho un problema non riesco ad allineare 2 superfici tra loro.
Provo a spiegarmi spiegarmi meglio
ho una superficie inclinata in un certo modo (arancione) ed una in orizzontale (blu) che dovrei far combaciare ma non riesco.
mi potete aiutare?
superfici.3dm (172.1 KB)

Hi Itonucci - does the attached file have the result you want?


  • Fa il file allegato ha il risultato desiderato ?

superfici_PG.3dm (337.3 KB)


Yes Pascal,
how did you make?

Thanks very much for your explanation

Hi Itonucci - I used a script, I’m afraid. I will attach the script here.

1._UntrimAll on the lower surface. ExtendSrf all four edges. (see below)
2. Select the blue object in top.
3. Start ProjectObjects. Density = 6 for X and Y in my example.

To install the script, save and drag and drop the rvb file onto Rhino. This will add a new command alias


Please note that this tool will only work if the target object is larger than the bounding box of the upper object- that is why I untrimmed the lower surface. You may need to ExtendSrf in some cases.

ProjectObjects_ReadMe.txt (1.2 KB)
ProjectObjects (2).zip (615.2 KB)


thanks Pascal
but don’t work

it create the object in the same position of original

Make sure to pick the orange surface as the target object.


i’m sure

Hmmm… the target surface looks different from the one you posted earlier - it should work fine, but please post that file or send in a private message… I’ll see if I can figure it out.

It is conceivable that the script is the zip file is somehow different - I’ll check it (Both worked here)

But try this one - it is the exact script file I am using:

ProjectObjects.rvb (6.6 KB)

hi Pascal in attached the video of (1.7 MB)

the new object is in the same position of original

I see- thanks - certainly it looks like it ought to work there - my only thought is that there is a language problem - let me look at how the Rhino commands are being sent in - there may be some underscores missing - hang on.

@ltonucci does this work better? Delete the old script, replace it with this one and restart Rhino… any better?

ProjectObjects_03_22_16.rvb (6.6 KB)


GREAT Pascal
it work perfect!!!



OK, great, thanks - there was indeed one underscore missing for a command in the script - that would make it fail in any other language, I am amazed I had not heard of this before - thanks for working with me on that!


Hi Pascal how are you?
if you remember you helped me with “projectobject”.
I need this result is possible? (imaga)

Hi Itonucci - I think what I’d try first is to ExtractSrf the bottom surface after ProjectObjects, and either ExtrudeSrf, with the Direction option, or OffsetSrf > Solid=Yes, to the original thickness.