All the branches of a tree

Hello guys,
I am not professional in grasshopper, but I think that there may be a solution to my problem by data tree in grasshopper.
I have a network of streets. I want Grasshopper to show me all the possible routes from a start point located inside the street network to the outside of the network. In the Picture and GH file that I shared, you can see that grasshopper did not show me all the possible routes( only some of the lines are green). I am certainly wrong with my definition.
After I found all the possible routes to the outside of the network, I want to put a point in a distance of for example 100 meter of the start point and connect all the point to each other in order to make a closed polyline which may be possible with Devide Length, but the thing which is important is that from the start point to each end points must be only one polyline that is the shortest option amoung all the options.
I may be a bit complicated, I even cannot explain it, let alone make it with grasshopper.
It is almost like to tell a person that you have a 100 meter stream, go wherever you want to go and draw a point there, but do not turn around one block, just go as far as possible.
Capture SIMPLE CASE_Shortestwalk3 .gh (29.4 KB)