All Render to Screen objects disappers if rotated or zoomed model

Hi there,
I am trying to display some screen texts and table. all render to screen objects disappear. and looks behind the model.
It should be in front of the model. see video file

Can any one tell what is the solution for this?


draw2dtext an draw2drectangle in rhinocommon should by default display things above screen objects.
I am not sure what did you use.

you have to post what you have done, not only the false results.
otherwise, no one can help you :sweat_smile:

try adjusting the “Depth” parameter on the components

I Tried Depth Parameter still have same problem.I have shared Sample file. Screen render text and curves. goes behind when model rotated or zoomed.

Screen Redner Error .gh (19.1 KB)

Rhino Model.3dm (256.0 KB)