All previous versions as well as layers disasppeared

I just wanted to make some modifications to a model, and to do so I had to revert to a previous version of the file.

When I look at the preview icon of the file in the Finder, I can see all the objects in the file, there are only two. A flat object, and a bracelet of the flat object made by using Flow along Curve.

When I open Rhino, I also see the same two objects of the file in the opening splash screen.

But as soon as the file is opened, the flat object is no longer there. I need that flat object to make the needed modifications.

A couple of other things that are strange is that all the default layers have disappeared, there is now only one layer. And Browse All Versions does not work either.

Plus, now and then I cannot even select the object on the screen, I have to close the file and open it again. That seems to happen randomly with other files also.

And Zoom extents as well as Zoom extents all viewports does not work either from time to time, also in other random files.

I have uploaded a movie trying to explain this. What is going on? Can I get my flat object back, or do I have to start from scratch.

Aristos (16.1 MB)

Hi Zews - if you Cmd-A to select all, what does Rhino tell you was selected?

I suppose you have tried Show, just in case it is hidden?


I did try Show objects, which yielded no result.

I did not think of doing Cmd-A. When I do Rhino tells me “35 polysurfaces added to selection.”!

Which is exactly what I would expect. So why can’t I see them?

Zews, can you send the file to I’ll take a look. If the file is large, please zip and post it to



When you select all and then run Zoom selection, what do you see? You may have some objects out in the middle of nowhere, they may be microscopic or mega huge, there are several possibilities. Also try SelBadObjects and see if there is a report of any.


I see only the circular bracelet. I previously said that when I do Cmd-A, and the bracelet is selected Rhino says “35 polysurfaces added to selection”. I made the assumption that the bracelet is one object. But it is actually a group of 35 objects. So even though the straight section shows up briefly on the splash screen when opening the file and also in the preview icon in Finder, it does not appear to be in the file.

Wouldn’t “Zoom extents” find those. I have tried that, nothing.

I get “No bad objects selected.”

And when I do “Show objects” I get “No objects are hidden.”


The preview might be an old thumbnail stuck in there when the straight section was still in the file. Thumbnails get updated on saving the file, but as Mac saves the file continuously, I don’t know when the thumbnails get created or what “version” they represent.