All possible curves between 2 points

hi all,

I am trying to connect 2 points on two surfaces. I started by drawing a grid on the surfaces and i managed to find the shortest curve between these two points that follows the grid. However how do i find all the possible shortest curves between these two points.

The component i am using is shortest walk, and this only gives me one result.

Thanks for your help (18.3 KB)

I am so confused :thinking:

As far as I know, there is no straight forward method for finding all possible paths between two nodes in graph. See this thread for some theory:

Either way, you’ll likely have to script it (could implement the networkx module if going with GHPython).

Edit: networkx does have a method that might work for you actually:

Edit II: I believe there are several graph plugins for GH, one of these might provide similar functionality.

hi thanks so much for the reply and information, apologies i have been away. i will give it a try! thanks again