AlignProfiles (command in sdk)

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What is RhinoCommon(API) AlignProfiles {command in Rhino}recipe?
I need to it, but can’t I find the order?
Also API For Curve from cross section profiles

Hi @architect.civil5,

There is no single, RhinoCommon method that does the equivalent of the AlignProfiles command. But there is an sample of how the command works:


Where do you see this in Rhino?


– Dale

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I assume he means this:

i.e. the CSec command.

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Yes it Csec command

Sure, of course.

If I recall correctly, the CSec command creates a plane from the cross section line point and then intersects the curves with that plane. The intersection are then used to create a cubic NURBS curve. Curve.CreateInterpolatedCurve should work for this.

– Dale

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