ALIGNMENT in technical drawings/drafting?

Hi there!

I just took my first steps in Rhino 5 Drafting features (don’t know much about it yet).
I realized that it is quite difficult to make precise drawings (precise numbers, to be exact) because there isn’t any type of alignment in drafting. I have to zoom really close to get accurate numbers and values.

I mainly use T-Splines. Could that be the reason not to find the alignment feature? Or is there any in Rhino drafting?
If I remember right, alignment is quite common feature (in technical drawings) in CAD programs.

Thank’s for the answers!


I think maybe you need to look at object snaps… and perhaps smarttrack.

I tried, but the alignment seems to be based on Rhino scale on the backround - not on the object (even I tried different options).

(I mean alignment when choosing ‘Drafting’ form the upper menu bar and ‘New layout 1 (or 4) details’ and then useing those different ‘Dimension’ commands when creating the technical drawings…).


…when I choose ‘Osnap’ and the ‘End’ feature, etc. it works - but only with Rhino model, not with T-Splines. So I have to take a backup and change the other one to Rhino model.

It is ok, unless I have to do a lot of changes in the model. Then it becomes a slow process (back and forth type of work :wink: ).


Ps. in Solidworks there is an interesting feature: when you change the original model, the technical drawings and it’s numerical information changes automatically.