Align with 'CPlaneToObject' to object will mirror Cplane and not align xy properly

As you see in this screenshot, the aligned CPlane (CPlaneToObject) is always mirrored so all numbers I want to tag the panels with are mirrored. Any idea how to manage this? Thank you!

Just a guess but if the numbers are curves/polycurves you could try changing the direction of the curves. Dir command, select the curves/polycurves, and then select the Flip option.

If the numbers are surfaces use Dir followed by the Flip option or use the Flip command.

The problem with CPlane>ToObject is that the axis orientation and origin are unpredictable. I have a tendency not to use it for this reason. Instead, I prefer CPlane 3Pt with which you can control everything… Just my 2¢…


Hi All - CPlane > Surface also gives more control.



Mitch @Helvetosaur I did it your way so far but will check @pascal 's version sounds like something!

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