Align U or V surface control point on a polyline

Hi Every one.
Do you know if there are some command or script to align multiple points surface on a polyline like tsmatch


I don’t have much experience myself with T Splines … but from your description, and the name of the T Splines command mentioned, maybe _MatchSrf is what you are looking for?

If not… can you maybe share an example of what you want to achieve?

Hi Rodri
thank you for your reply

I attached an example who I want to achieve

I would like to align surface control point on the polyline in one click
besically i would like to use the polyline as a reference


Hi Federico - it is not one click but you can do it:

  1. Select the points and run CurveThroughPt > CurveType=Interpolated.
  2. Once the curve is in place, select the points again use Flow from the curve you made to the target curve, Stretch=Yes, probably.


Thank you pascal

@Federico_Fenoglio1 - here’s a macro to use to speed things up a bit -

! _CurveThroughPt _Degree=3 _CurveType=_Interpolated Closed=_No _Enter _Flow _Copy=_No

Use this with the points selected. There is a curve to clean up when done. I guess it may be possible to take care of this in the macro as well.