Align tool issue

I am getting an issue with the align tool, when aligning grouped objects there is a an error created. It is tiny but as the parts are being arrayed it is becoming quite an issue. I have attached screen shots of the error and can upload the file if that helps. The part in the screenshot is aligned to the top and left the gaps are consistent all the way along the object, there are no parts protruding. A bounding box also creates the same offset. Its driving me mad! Ended up redrawing all the parts to no avail.

There was a bug in Align seen with some groups of objects that was fixed in 7.5, which is the Service Release Candidate. See if updating Rhino 7 for Mac to that build solves the issue on your end. On Rhino 7 for Mac go to Preferences > General > and use the drop down menu to check for the service release candidate to update.

Thanks Brian
I am running 7.4 and when I try to update get this pop up Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 08.48.16

There’s a drop down list to check for Service Releases or Service Release Candidates. As luck would have it, 7.5 went out yesterday as the latest service release so give it a try again please.

Great thanks installed.
Cheers for the help