Align to corner

Is there an easier way to align something in two directions at once? For example to get the circle into the corner I would need to align top and then right. Is there a way to do it in one step?

Example.3dm (2.4 MB)

You want Smarttrack from the bottom. Make sure, in this case, you have Quad snap on. My screen recorder didn’t pick up the tooltip you get which shows which kind snap you’re adding.

Hi - without using SmartTrack, to move the circle to the top-right corner; at the Point to move from prompt, type .y and snap to the top quad of the circle for the Y coordinate of point. Then, to complete defining the Point to move from, snap to the right-most quad of the circle. Finally, for the Point to move to, snap to the corner of the rectangle.

Hello - if you need to do this often, it is probably simplest to make macros:

BottomLeft = ! Align Pause Left Pause SelLast Align Bottom


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Cool I’ll try these out. I sometimes need to do it with oddly shaped geometry that might not have convenient snap point so that makes smart track tricky.

Use bounding box.