Align the first and last rectangle while the other rectangles can be controllable with graph mapper

wave_profiles Modified SU (2).gh (34.2 KB) wave_profiles.3dm (4.4 MB) Hi Guys

I’m at a point where I’m struggling to find a way to align the end rectangles of the profiles that I have created with the plane as shown in the picture:

I want the first and last rectangle of the created profiles to be aligned with the plane I mentioned above but the other rectangles that form the profiles to be controllable by the graph mapper.

The first rectangle and the last rectangle of every profile is not aligned with the direction and borders of the orange plane like this:

Can someone help me? Thank you in advance!

Something like this?

wave_profiles Modified SU (42.1 KB)

Yes now the rectangles are aligned with the upper and bottom plane but It would be great if there’s a way to align also the bottom edges of the rectangles with the bottom edge of the plane like this:

Canvas at 16;33;35

I want the red and yellow contour to be aligned and strict but the body of every profile to be more flexible like a wave.

Thank you for helping me!

If you want to fix both ends of curves, then you should manipulate the control points of the curves by graph mapper or whatever except the both end poins from the first place…

I understand the concept but I’m unable to execute it in grasshopper

wave_profiles Modified SU (48.6 KB)

wave_profiles Modified SU (52.0 KB)

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This was exactly what I was searching for! I will study your suggestion now! Thank you alot!