Align Rhino and Grasshopper units/scale

Hi Just wondering how to align Grasshopper object dimensions with rhino units. In the screenshot rhino 7 units are set to mm, and Grasshopper is supposed to reproduce objects in Rhino units, but it is the case Grasshopper is creating objects at twice the scale of Rhino. Not sure what I’m missing here.

Latest Rhino7 and latest Grasshopper…7

Thanks for you Help

They are “aligned”. Can’t tell from your screen shot but if that’s a Center Box (?), the dimensions act like a radius in the sense that they extend in both directions (+ and -). Try a Domain Box instead?

Hi Joseph, yep Domain Box did it. Many thanks as always.


By the way, if you prefer to use Center Box, you can add the expression “x/2” to all of its inputs. (3rd box) (8.2 KB)