Align points into closed curves


I’m trying to align curves within other curves, as if templates to correct (the inside ones) for possible misalignments (regarding the template). I think it’s may be simple to solve, but I have stuck in the reconstruction of internal polylines.

Move points inside the radius to template point:

I’m also wondering how to align the other points that is just near by template line (not inside radius) and align them to the line borders:

Any help or tips would be great!

Thanks so much!

(Thanks for everybody you guys help us so much :slight_smile: )

Align (8.5 KB)
Align Points.3dm (54.4 KB)

you could use (for a shortcut) MoveToPoint from pufferfish plug-in - grab all things you want to move, specify their point(s) to move from and the point(s) to move to - if not then you have some work-around options like (simply) move along the vector length between two points (the one to move from and the one to move to)

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try with closest point.

Align (13.6 KB)