Align Planes on curves and orientation

Hi everyone,

I’m tring to create aligned plane to several curves in different orientation

Using align plane gives me wired results

Thanks for your time and knowledge !
Definition with internalized data (27.1 KB)

Like this? (28.7 KB)

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Thanks HS_Kim

Exactly !

It’s not clear to me what the use of shift path ?

Have a good day

Sorry to ask something again but data tree managing is pretty difficult on this definition…

How can i get a new plan perpendicular to the one created before, i’ve tried to orient it but it wont work…

And second question i don’t why i can’t merge face / region union ? Is that a problem on shift path ?

Defintion : (31.4 KB)

rotate_plane_2020Sep4a (3.5 KB)

voronoi-cell_roches001 (1) (31.7 KB)

Thanks to both of you !