Align / Orient / Rotate a group of closed curves

Hello everyone, this is my first time asking here!
I have a quite simple problem but i can´t find the solution for it, i hope you can help me.
I´m trying to rotate a group of curves for connect the vertices of them. I think it is easy to see in the image. I simplified the problem with 4 simple curves, but i have a variable number of curves.

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I don’t think it is a general solution for you anyway, here we have a simple demo about Orient.

Orient (10.9 KB)


Thank you so much for your answer, the definition you sent is really good, but unfortunatly it doesn´t solve my problem. I think I simplified too much in the first image.
It is more like that:

I have some closed curves with curvature and i want to “join” them with a “point on curve” (in the image it is the mid point) and the vertices at the bottom

Please post your file along with your question.

ORIENT CURVES.3dm (426.4 KB)

Thank you!

If the straight distance from the middle point of the arc to the corner point of each curve is different, can they be connected at two points?
Even if you look at your file, the middle points of the arcs do not match.

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ORIENT (12.1 KB)

Can you check this? I have been working on it and that’s what I want but I have to rotate the pieces several times and I’m having something like a loop. For 3 rectangles it is ok, but if i have avariable number it doesn’t work.

You are right, that’s why I create a circle from the vertices and make the intersection with the curves to have the same distance.

Have a look at the attachment. You"ll need Anemone plugin to make it work.
Make sure to reference your curves from rhino in order. (22.1 KB)

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Again, thank you so much Kim. It seems that it is perfect but i don´t know why it is not working with my curves. It is orienting the first curve but not the other ones. Can you explain how do you select the -initial orient direction- ?
I hope you can check the changes I did and explain me how to solve the (129.4 KB) (125.3 KB)

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Amazing! thanks again!!!